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Birthdate:May 1
"Rumor: a proposition for belief of topical reference disseminated without official verification. So formidably defined, rumor is but a special case of informal social communications, including myth, legend, and current humor. From myth and legend it is distinguished by its emphasis on the topical. Where humor is designed to provoke laughter, rumor begs for belief." -Robert Knapp, 1944

Since the origins of humanity, Dame Rumor has enjoyed a ready market for her characteristic inside information about particular events or people. Her unverified reports are more welcome than the truth, not merely because they are startling, but even more because they are gratifying. Facts would only serve to ruin the delicious dish. As choice morsels on the tongue, rumors serve to bolster man’s opinions and attitudes, to fortify his baseless confidence, to reinforce his biases. Let Rumor take root, and it will be difficult to dig out again.

The ancient Greeks saw her as Pheme or Ossa, the swift-winged, trumpet-bearing spirit of fame and good repute as well as infamy and scandal, who pried into the affairs of gods and mortals then repeated what she learned, first as a whisper, trumpeting it louder each time until everyone knew. The Romans knew her as Fama, described by Virgil in the Aeneid as having many eyes and ears to find out secrets, and swift feathers and tongues with which to spread them:

"Swift through the Libyan cities Rumor sped.
Rumor! What evil can surpass her speed?
In movement she grows mighty, and achieves
strength and dominion as she swifter flies.
small first, because afraid, she soon exalts
her stature skyward, stalking through the lands
and mantling in the clouds her baleful brow.
The womb of Earth, in anger at high Heaven,
bore her, they say, last of the Titan spawn,
sister to Coeus and Enceladus.
Feet swift to run and pinions like the wind
the dreadful monster wears; her carcase huge
is feathered, and at root of every plume
a peering eye abides; and, strange to tell,
an equal number of vociferous tongues,
foul, whispering lips, and ears, that catch at all.
At night she spreads midway 'twixt earth and heaven
her pinions in the darkness, hissing loud,
nor e'er to happy slumber gives her eyes:
but with the morn she takes her watchful throne
high on the housetops or on lofty towers,
to terrify the nations. She can cling
to vile invention and malignant wrong,
or mingle with her word some tidings true.

In more modern times (and in Milliways), Dame Rumor appears as a woman of medium height in her early thirties, with brown hair cut in one of those medium-short bobs that never really go out of style. She is not a particularly beautiful woman, but striking in appearance, with an intent gaze to her wide, hazel eyes, a sharp, angular face with prominent cheekbones, and a slight, knowing smile curving her thin lips. She is very interested in getting to know you. You'll find she is a very good listener.

Just 'cause I said it, it don't mean that I meant it.
People say crazy things.
Just 'cause I said it, don't mean that I meant it.
Just 'cause you heard it.

-"Rumor Has It," Adele

Rumor is from various mythologies and belongs in the public domain. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

The best way to contact the mun behind this account is through Dreamwidth private message.

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airing dirty laundry, dirty secrets, eavesdropping, enabling, fame, fear-mongering, gab, gossip, infamy, meddling, notoriety, pipe-dreams, propaganda, scandals, slander, spin, the grapevine, the scoop, wedge-driving
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